Teaching Attunement

Age: 3-5

Applicable To: Groups or Individuals

CAPPD Concepts:  Attuned

What It Is:Similar to the above ‘Today I Feel…” activities, except that it focuses more on other people’s feelings. Ask and discuss with the children:

"How can you tell if someone is happy?"

"How can you tell if someone is sad?"

"How does it feel when no one listens to you?"

"When someone is speaking to you, you should look at them."

"You can understand someone if you listen to their words and watch how they behave.

Why It Helps:  Children will develop healthier relationships with others when they can accurately read other people’s emotions. Social development is a very important part of normal development. Children who have experienced trauma often have difficulty accurately interpreting other people’s emotions. For example, they may have trouble differentiating among neutral, sad, and angry faces.  Thus, they need re-learn how to interpret people’s body language, facial expression, and tone.

Teaching attunement

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