Grounding Exercise

Age: 4-5

Applicable To: Groups or Individuals

CAPPD Concepts: Calm, present

What It Is:

Lead the children through the following:

Sit comfortably and relaxed; breathe deeply

Look around and name 5 pleasant objects you see

Breathe slowly and deeply

Name 5 pleasant sounds you hear

Breathe slowly and deeply

Name 5 pleasant things you can physically feel

Breathe slowly and deeply

Name 5 colors you see in the room

Breathe slowly and deeply

The goal of this activity is to limit intrusive thoughts about the trauma; to redirect attention to the outside world.

Why It Helps: This exercise calms children and brings them into the “here and now” which is safer than the stress or trauma-related thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing. Calming helps bring their brain activity from hyper aroused to normal.

Age Appropriateness : 
CAPPD Concepts: