Becoming Trauma Informed: A Foundational Course


Designed to:

Inform service professionals across services about the impact of trauma

Impress upon service professionals that it is both vital and possible to recognize and address trauma

Inspire service professionals to learn more about and develop skills to provide trauma-informed practice.

What people are saying about Becoming Trauma Informed:

“This training went right to the heart of the client work we do!”


"Extremely helpful information!"

"Lots of good information that connected to situations in the real world."

"It related to my job directly."

Becoming Trauma Informed Part I

A half day workshop that introduces professionals to the language, values, and skills needed to begin providing trauma informed practice.

Topics covered include:

Definitions of trauma, psychological trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma informed care
The impact of trauma on early childhood development and across the lifespan
Normal brain development and the impact of trauma on brain development
Signs and symptoms of trauma in people of all ages
Techniques for creating safety for people exposed to trauma
Techniques for calming and grounding those impacted by trauma

Becoming Trauma Informed Part II

The Part II workshop moves from theory and science to behavior and practice, offering strategies for professionals caring for and working with those, who have experienced trauma.  Part II uses a framework focusing on building social-emotional competency, supporting self-management, and building resilience skills.
The curriculum provides multiple opportunities for professionals to learn and practice supportive skills and to envision caring and compassionate learning environments.

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