Creative Activities

Age: 6 mo-5

Applicable To: Groups or Individuals

CAPPD Concepts: Calm

What It Is:Positive creative activities include:painting/drawing (finger painting), playdough, puppets, rhythmic music/dance (including clapping patterns and listen & move songs; see Appendix I for a list of suggested songs).  Give children open prompts; for example - draw your strongest memory, nightmare or a good dream, happy or bad thoughts, family, friends, home, etc. Let them talk about their art work without too much outside interference.

Why It Helps: The physicality of these activities helps keep children calm and decreases anxiety. Rhythmic music or dancing is soothing and brings the brain function back to normal/calm – where it needs to be for proper brain development, learning and functioning.  Even very young children/babies can benefit from these types of activities.  The creative aspect of these activities is also important because it can help children safely process their trauma at their own pace and in their own ways.

CAPPD Concepts: