Dramatic Play

Age: 3-5

Applicable To: Groups or Individuals

CAPPD Concepts: Calm, attuned

What It Is:Using props, have children pretend that the police come to help a girl who is lost (assign roles to the children), etc (other dramas might involve the hospital, social workers, firefighters – anything with which the child might have had negative experiences).

Why It Helps: Children who have experienced trauma are often afraid of the police (or other people/situations) and often naturally re-enact their trauma through their play. This activity helps them reframe their experiences with police (or others) to learn that police help maintain safety in the community. Research shows that developing ‘stories’ about their experiences is a crucial part of the recovery process (Bath, p.7). By interacting calmly with children as they do these re-enactments, you will help them manage their stress and create perspectives that go beyond their traumatic experiences.

Age Appropriateness : 
CAPPD Concepts: