Take Care of Yourself

Parenting is hard work.

To be a good parent, you also need to take care of yourself.  Getting enough sleep, asking for help when you need it, and taking time out for yourself can help you to stay healthy.  Taking a few deep breaths when you are feeling frustrated with your child's behavior and giving yourself a time-out to call a friend can give you the time to think through the situation and decide what will be the most effective response.

Negative experiences that may have happened a long time age can resurface when you are stressed, overtired, and dealing with the many challenges that parents face.  Being in an unhealthy relationship with a partner who is abusive and/or controlling, can interfere with how you want to parent your children.

If you feel that your parenting is being affected by experiences you had as a child or current problems that you are experiencing, talk to someone you trust and ask for help.  Remember, when you learn new things and practice strategies such as positive discipline, you are changing your brain too!

Don't forget that humor is a great discipline tool.  Singing a song, making a child laugh about a funny story, and turning tasks into games can help to redirect your child to the behavior that you want.