Provide Choice and Control

Age: 1.5-5

Applicable To: Groups or Individuals

CAPPD Concepts: Predictable, attuned, present

What It Is: For children who have been affected by  trauma, many of their life experiences involve control being taken away from them; they need to regain a sense of control. Find ways to give even very young children choices and control over small things. For example, say to them “For snack, you can have A or B” or “Which activity would you like to do, A or B?”. Cheer children on as they try new things and try to accomplish things independently.

Why It Helps: Feeling they have choice and control, children will be calmer and less controlling. Having choice and some control also lets children learn that they are important and can make things happen.  This technique builds self-efficacy, fosters trust, and promotes a sense of identity.

Age Appropriateness : 
CAPPD Concepts: