Limit TV

Age: 0-5

Applicable To: Groups or Individuals

CAPPD Concepts: calm, present, attuned

What It Is:If possible, don’t allow children to watch TV at all, but especially programming that exposes them to traumatic events (disaster, murder, accident, death, etc.).  If you do watch media on trauma or violence with children, actively engage them and talk about what’s happening while watching it and after the program is over.

Why It Helps:TV hinders healthy brain development, especially in very young children (0-3). The rapid movement from scene to scene on TV keeps children’s brains on high alert, and interferes with the development of a normal attention span and with children’s ability to follow story lines. Being continuously re-exposed to a traumatic event, especially in the sensationalized format of TV can worsen trauma for children. If children do see reminders of trauma they have experienced on TV, discussing it with them is an excellent way to remain attuned and be present for them and to help them make sense of the trauma.

Age Appropriateness : 
CAPPD Concepts: