The Core Competencies

Recognizing that the causes and impact of trauma are complex problems requiring complex solutions at multiple system levels, the Multiplying Connections competencies are clustered into five domains which cross a broad range of professional activities.  Adapted from the core competencies for Youth Violence and the Health Professions: Core Competencies for Effective Practice (Knox, 2001), The Multiplying Connections competency domains are: 






Organization and System

In developing these Core Competencies it was recognized that there is a broad diversity of children’s services professionals who represent many disciplines, educational backgrounds, levels and professional roles. All children’s services professionals are not expected to be expert in every Core Competency.  Organizations will need to identify sets of competencies and proficiency levels specific to the roles that comprise their services.   These competencies were also designed to address multiple aspects of being trauma informed from skills necessary to provide direct practice to those needed to lead organizational and policy change activities that build and support trauma informed services.  The competencies will have differing applications both across and within organizations.