The Amazing Brain: Materials for Parents, Caregivers and Professionals

The Amazing BrainDr. Linda Chamberlain is an epidemiologist specializing in the health effects of domestic violence on women and children.  Multiplying Connections, together with our partner organizations, the Department of Human Services and the Institute for Safe Families (ISF) hosted Dr. Chamberlain as a keynote speaker for a series of events about the impact of trauma on brain development for policy makers, training professionals advocates, providers and health care professionals. Dr. Chamberlain provided insights about the brain’s vulnerability to trauma, but also its incredible potential for healing and growth.  She reminded us that as providers, caregivers, parents and caring adults we are the most important protective factor a child can have. In partnership with Multiplying Connections, ISF and Advocates for Youth, Dr. Chamberlain has written a series of educational brochures and articles on brain development for parents, caregivers and professionals.  Click here for the Amazing Brain materials.