Health Federation is New Home for Philadelphia ACES Project

In February, 2014, the Health Federation of Philadelphia, parent organization to Multiplying Connections, became the new home for the Philadelphia ACES Project.  Established in April 2012, by the Institute for Safe Families (ISF), the Philadelphia ACES Project works to  develop policies, practices, and research within pediatric settings that mitigate conditions arising from toxic stressors and ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) and that increase the health and wellbeing of children and their families.  

As many are now aware, the ACE Study demonstrates that toxic stress and traumatic childhood experiences can lead to significant social, emotional and cognitive impairments, as well as chronic diseases and unhealthy behaviors across the life span.  Today, the Philadelphia ACE Task Force boasts more than 30 active members who are working together to reduce ACES and build resiliency in Philadelphia.  It is a collaboration and partnership between practitioners and public health leaders.