Health Federation Adopts Trauma Informed Policy Statement

The Multiplying Connections Initiative is under the auspices of the Health Federation of Philadelphia (HFP), a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve access to an quality of health care services for underserved and vulnerable individuals and families.  HFP has increasingly worked to become a trauma informed organization.  This year, the organization's new Human Resources Guidelines Manual includes a statement reflecting a deep commitment to trauma informed care:

The Health Federation of Philadelphia is committed to being a trauma-informed organization.  We assume that individuals and organizations may have experienced and been affected by trauma.  This includes people we serve, all staff and those we encounter while conducting business.  We believe relationships are a vehicle for healing and we strive to adhere to these principles of trauma informed care:  safety, trustworthiness, choice, empowerment, non-violence, and democracy.

HFP reinfoces this policy by providing foundational and ongoing training on  trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma-informed care to all staff.  Other organizational activities that promote trauma-informed practice include regular reflective supervision, training to increase reflective functioning skills, community meetings, and voluntary yoga and mindfulness classes for staff.