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The Multiplying Connections Store offers materials designed by the Health Federation and collaborators to help individual and organizations become trauma informed. You will find resources about brain development, managing toxic stress and building resilience, child development, family violence screening and response and reflective supervision.

The materials are in booklet, pamphlet, card, poster, button and DVD formats. Some materials are available as free downloadable digital content. For Digital Downloads, you do not need a method of payment, but will go through the other steps in the ordering process and will be sent an email link to download the resource you select. Revenue from the sales of our materials allows us to invest in keeping materials current and fresh. Please send us your feedback!

parent and caregiver cover

Written by Linda Burgess Chamberlain, PhD, MPH and illustrated by Peter Camburn

How your child’s brain develops each and every day is being shaped by the environment and... Learn More


Trauma and the Potential for Healing cover

Written by Linda Burgess Chamberlain, Phd, MPH  and illustrated by Peter Camburn

A baby’s brain is like a flower ready to bloom.  From the first moments of life, a baby’s brain is absorbing new experiences and being shaped by its environment.  Even though an infant may be too young to have conscious memories of these early experiences, the developing brain... Learn More


amazing brain cover

Witten by Linda Burgess Chamberlain, PhD, MPH

Adolescence is a window of opportunity for developing a better, smarter, faster brain.  It is the time when the brain becomes more efficient and develops more advanced skills. But it can also be a time of missed opportunities and vulnerabilities if a teen does not challenge her/his brain or exposes the brain to neurotoxins, such as... Learn More


teen brain cover

By Linda Burgess Chamberlain, PhD, MPH

The teen brain is still growing!

During the teen years, the brain is going through lots of changes and building millions of new connections. These changes will help the brain to become faster, sharper, and smarter. Parents and... Learn More


Written by Leslie Lieberman, this brief paper provides recommendations for how to model principles of trauma informed practice into the training environment.

Learn More

Logo of the Philadelphia ACE Project

This report provides findings on the adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) of Philadelphia residents. Past studies, including the seminal 1998 Kaiser study by Felliti and Anda, have confirmed the negative impact of ACEs, such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse and household dysfunction, on health behaviors and... Learn More


This Guide aims to assist practitioners in supporting parents and caregivers to establish a healing relationship with their children so that the negative effects of domestic violence can be ameliorated and children can be provided a safe, nurturing environment for further healing, growth and development.

Working with parents to heal their relationships with their children after... Learn More